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Good to Share the Good News Part 2

Good to Share the Good News Part 2

Sermon by Pastor Ben

Romans 10:9-1 

Sermon Summary

Pastor Benjamin shared practical tips on how to share the gospel to the people around us.

養成習慣: build the habit of talking to people

Share your faith: talk about your faith to someone at least once per month.

固定為3個周圍還沒有信主的親朋友禱告: Constantly have a prayer list of 3 friends or relatives

其中至少一個是可以有行動的 at least 1 of them lives near you.

特意建立關係 make initiative/ take actions to build relationships: 吃飯dining, 看電影movies, parties, 過節 holidays

Awareness - 知道你與耶穌有關係,避免基督徒用語 avoid christian lingo/jargon, 避免拉大距離 avoid creating gaps, 開放心胸open minded, 不明顯不逼人的方式引用聖經 quote the bible with less threatening ways, 真心瞭解對方的信仰dialogue to understand their beliefs & thoughts

Generate Interest - 引起興趣; 耶穌也可以跟他有關

Relevance - Jesus can be relevant in their personal lives
三個故事 3 stories 你的yours, 祂的 his, 他的his

敏感於對方的生命中的任何困難。Be sensitive to the challenges in life

Introduce books testimony books

接受 accepting 講解真理
堅固信仰 reinforcement: christian community

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Good to Share the Good News Part 2 - November 6th, 2016 - EFCI 1.5 Generation EFCI 1.5 Generation