EFCI 1.5 Generation

EFCI 1.5G Service is conducted in "Chinglish," a mixture of Chinese and English. It is considered a semi-contemporary to contemporary worship service. We welcome 1.5 generation friends from any age group (high school students to married couples) who speak Mandarin and/ or Chinglish.



Our Mission

Reach out to, create a home for, and equip the 1.5 Generation in Orange County, so that this generation can surpass our identity crisis and rise up to be the LORD’s army! 
尋找吸引在 Orange County 1.5 代背景(或小留學生之背景)的族群,使這裡成為有歸屬感的家,並被裝備找到自己的定位,成為這世代上帝要重用的大能勇士。



Sunday Service

Sunday 11:10am - 12:30pm
17422 Armstrong Ave
Irvine, CA, 92614

(949) 261-8007


Pastor Benjamin Chen

Ben and Sharon (1 of 1).jpg

Benjamin Chen is an cross-cultural and influential pastor of  EFCI 1.5 Generation Congregation. He and his wife, Sharon both love to serve the Lord and people.

陳炳中牧師以跨文化的方式和來帶領EFCI 1.5 Generation 的會友們活出神的應許和影響我們的Community。他和妻子,Sharon一起服事上帝也服事人群。

Email: bcsl01@gmail.com
Office Tel: (949)261.8007 ext. 104

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