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Cavities of Life

Cavities of Life

Sermon by Pastor Andy Fang

Passages from Book of Genesis chapter 25, 27, 32

Pastor Andy Fang shared with the 1.5 Generation congregation at EFCI on the topic of "Cavities of Life”  from the life story of Jacob. He shared the transformative journey that Jacob experienced where he no longer relies on his own fight and strive to obtain what he wanted to relying on God’s provision in his life. Andy declared that we often get tired because we are relying on ourselves to go through life, but instead, we should do life God’s way.

Often Times We Put Our Possession Between Us and Our Problems

Just as Jacob sent his wife and his possession ahead of him to cross the river before meeting his brother, often times, we put our belonging between us and our problems. As in human nature, we attribute our problem as an external issue where if we “just do better” or “give more” we will be rid of our roadblocks. However, we seldom realize that the true issue lies within our lonely self.

What You Give to Get is What You Will Have to Continue to Give to Maintain it

Pastor Andy delivered the insight that perhaps one of the reasons why Jacob sent his possessions ahead of him to cross the river was that if his brother were to accept the gifts presented to him, the gesture would appease his brother’s anger. However, the major flaw with this rationale is that if we approach relationship problems with methods that aim to pacify the other party, then you’ll have to continue to give to maintain it, and that’s not healthy.

I’m Not Letting Go Until You Bless Me

Although Jacob went through turbulent times in his life, he was able to come to the realization that God is the sole provider of blessings and life is not a result of his own fight against his brother, father, and uncle. After Jacob encountered the presence of God, his new life began and he was no longer Jacob, but Israel.

Are You Tired of Living Life Your Own Way? Are You Willing to do Life God’s Way?

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Cavities of Life - October 2nd, 2016 - EFCI 1.5 Generation EFCI 1.5 Generation