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The Best Example - Romans 15:1-6

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The Best Example - Sunday Sermon August 14th, 2016 - EFCI 1.5 Gen EFCI 1.5 Gen

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The best example

sermon by angel chuang

Passage from Romans 15:1-6

Sister Angel Chuang shared with us how to be the best example for other Christians from the book of Romans. She shared that believers have a duty to bear each other’s weaknesses and also should seek to please our neighbors. These teachings are set by Jesus’ example, which is the best example. When we imitate Jesus, we become and example for others.

Angel 姊妹跟我們分享我們該如何成為其他基督徒的榜樣從羅馬書十五章一到六節。她教導我們說跟隨耶穌的門徒們有責人背負他人的軟弱也應當主動的去幫助和影響我們的鄰舍。這些教導是從耶穌的榜樣而來的,因他是我們最好的榜樣,當我學習耶穌時,我們也能成為他人的榜樣。

  1. Believers have a duty to bear with each other’s weaknesses
  2. Believers should seek to please our neighbors
  3. Jesus is the best example
  4. When believers imitate Jesus’ example, God is glorified.


Let’s listen to her sharing and apply it to our lives.