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Mission Testimony Sunday

Mission Sharing Sunday

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People often relate mission to a mission trip, where individuals will go to different places and provide services to meet the needs of the locals while having an opportunity to share the gospel. Pastor Ben clarified that mission isa lifestyle and it is what we need to do on a daily basis.

Mission is a Purpose, a Way of Life. 

Mission is a way of life that shares the good news including sharing of God’s Love and God’s way of salvation.

Mexico Mission Shared by Uncle Joe

Our church has been serving in Mexico for many years, and I have been wondering whether our serving in Mexico is making a difference. But Story of Lety and Alfredo’s Story reminded me the fear of the Lord.

This family lives in a trailer without any water or electricity. They have a daughter with special needs due to abnormal development. They have been refusing our prayer requests because they don’t want to talk about their daughter's conditions.

In June 2016, they finally accepted our prayer.
During the prayer, a Pastor said God is going to bless their family, which no one took it seriously. Two days later, the mother heard a voice that says God is going to bless you. She told the local pastor about it, and they didn’t take it seriously either. Two weeks go by, YUGO international mission organization got lost in Mexico and mistakenly went to their house. When YUGO saw their needs, they decided to build this family a 320 square feet house.
Most of the time we don't take God’s promises seriously either and we were tempted to give up when situations seem hopeless, but always remember our God is faithful.

(哥林多前書 3:7) 可見栽種的,算不得甚麼,澆灌的,也算不得甚麼;只在那叫他生長的 神。So then neither is he that planted anything, neither he that watered; but God that giveth the increase.

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Mission Sharing Sunday - September 11th, 2016 - EFCI 1.5 Generation EFCI 1.5 Generation