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The Lord Wants to Use You

The Lord Wants to Use You

I Samuel 16:11-13

Sermon by Pastor Anthony So

Pastor Anthony So shared with the 1.5 Generation Congregation at EFCI on the topic of “The Lord Wants to Use You.” Pastor Anthony So reminded us that we are valued deeply by God, and were carefully chosen to live and serve for God’s purpose.

You are Special

In the Old Testament days, when a prophet comes to visit a village, he would either come to perform cleansing ceremony or to announcement judgment. Both are very important occasions and all of the villagers will join. However, when Samuel first came to the village, David was sent to work early in the morning and was not present at the time. In our lives, others may undermine us at times, we may be left out in an important event, or we are not perceived as important in other people’s eyes. However, God treats each and every one of us special - Just like how Samuel “would not sit down until he arrives”, God value us, and sees us as very important.

You are Selected

In the scripture, while David’s brothers were described as tall, strong, and handsome, God still selected David as the future king of Israel. He was not selected because he is the most skillful nor he did anything special – it was simply because his heart was purely after God. In our daily lives, we may feel like we are not good enough and we may have a lot of shortcomings, but God selected us not because we are perfect, but because of our heart to serve.

You are Chosen to Serve

When Samuel anointed David, Samuel equipped him to do the work of God. Nowadays, every one of us can by anointed by the Holy Spirit. God’s presence is with us and gives us power to do unimaginable things. The power, the ability that we have, is meant to serve God, not to glorify the self.

Don’t believe in what other people say about you.
Believe what God has to say about you.
Believe that God look at you differently.
He selected you to serve him and anointed you with the power of Holy Spirit.

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God Wants to Use You - February 5th, 2017 - EFCI 1.5 Genration EFCI 1.5 Generation - Pastor Anthony So

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