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A Eulogy for Abner

A Eulogy for Abner

II Samuel 3

Jason Wang

Guest Speaker Jason Wang shared with the 1.5 Generation Congregation at EFCI on the topic of “A Eulogy for Abner” from the book of second Samuel. He reminded us that "Delayed obedience is still obedience" Serving our King takes humility, courage, and character.

Sermon Outline

I. Obedience to God takes humility (2 Samuel 3:1-21)
    A. Abner knew David was supposed to be king
         1. He had spent time with David and watched him
         2. He was loyal to Saul so it took him a long time
         3. He needed humility to admit he had been serving the wrong king
    B. Who are you serving?
         1. What are the false kings in our lives?
         2. What are the reasons for our delayed obedience?
         3. We need to admit we are wrong

II. Obedience to God takes courage (2 Samuel 3:22-27)
    A. Abner is killed
         1. Joab calls Abner a liar
         2. Joab is the true deceiver and kills Abner
    B. The cost of obedience is high
         1. Abner ends up dead
         2. There are no guarantees for safety or success

III. Obedience to God takes character (2 Samuel 3:28-39)
    A. Abner is remembered
         1. David has a funeral procession for Abner
         2. The entire nation mourns for Abner
         3. David declares Abner, “a great man”
    B. Our obedience results in our honor
         1. Our King sees what we do
         2. God judges our character

Call to Action:


To respond in obedience to what God is asking them to do regardless of how long they have put it off.


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An Eulogy for Abner - June 25th, 2017 - EFCI 1.5 Genration EFCI 1.5 Generation

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