To Build or Not to Build

Gina Chen

Gina Chen shared with the 1.5 Generation Congregation at EFCI on the topic of “To Build or not to Build”. She reminded us to have questions in mind, to hear God's answers, and to respond to God's answers .

Sermon Outline

1. Having Questions in Mind - the thoughts all in your heart and the actions you take
2. Hearing God's Answers - When God said NO, and the promises after NO
3. Responding to God's Answers - Humble to obey and do more for God, eager to pray for God's promises and praise more, all because of a thankful heart

Call to Action:

1. What is all in your heart ? Whom in body of Christ do you consult with ?
2. How do you respond to God's answers? Can you be humble to obey and do more for God? Can you be eager to pray for God's promises and praise more? Do you have a thankful heart ?

To respond in obedience to what God is asking them to do regardless of how long they have put it off.

要常常喜樂, 不住地禱告, 凡事謝恩;因為這是上帝在基督耶穌裏向你們所定的旨意。
帖撒羅尼迦前書 5:16‭-‬18