What's Luck Got to Do with It?

II Chronicles 18:1-3, 28-34

Pastor Ben


We often attribute a lot of things happening in life as ... good luck / bad luck,
This passage talks about how should we view the element of Luck?


We Can’t Control Our Luck, But We Can …
1.真诚不偽裝 Be Genuine
2.单纯倚靠神 Simply Rely on God
3.不歸功/罪運氣 Realize It’s NOT about Luck

Call to Action

1.真诚不偽裝 Be Genuine
When am I wearing a mask? 戴着面具
When am I not being genuine? Using schemes, ploy, politics手段 to achieve something
What are my dark secrets that I need to hide?

2.单纯倚靠神 Simply Rely on God
Call on God more often, with Child-like Simple Faith 单纯的信心

3.不歸功/罪運氣 Realize It’s NOT about Luck
Not Luck but Blessed (Not Coincidence but Providence)
Don’t take things for granted, be Thankful!
When You are in tough time, know that God’s still in control


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