Breakthrough in Knowing God

Ephesians 1:15-23

Pastor Ben


We all want to have breakthrough in our lives, especially for Christians: breakthrough in relationship with God.
This sermon talks about breakthrough - to know God better from Paul's teaching to the Ephesians.


1. Know to Appreciate: Give Praise & Give Thanks 感恩與讚美 
Action Items: 
- Praise for everything in the morning
- Count your blessings (go thru your day) at the end of the day
- Really appreciate God’s redemption (salvation) - that's already the best gift

2. Know We are in Love 與耶穌談戀愛 
Action Items:
- Dedicate time: for quality time with Jesus - make appointment, block out the time, silence your phone….
- Look Forward to God speaking to you
- Serve with the right motivation

3. Know to Ask for Help: Holy Spirit 聖靈 
Action Items:
- Away from Sin 遠離罪惡
- Away from Distraction 遠離干擾 (Holy Spirit speaks thru a gentle voice)
- Proclamation 宣告 before you do devotion:Holy Spirit, please help me to understand, pls use God’s word to speak to me today

--> Finally, to have breakthrough,
you need to leave you comfort zone, and put it into actions

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