The Ways of the World

Ephesians 2:1-10

Pastor Ben


The ways of this world sometimes is different than the Kingdom ways taught by the Bible, if we wan to follow Christ, we always have to be careful. Also, the world sometimes can be dark and with no hope, as mankind suffers from the consequence of sin, but there's always hope, as we are God's new and good workmanship in Christ Jesus.


1. You, Me, & the World 你、我、與世界 (v.1-3)
2. You, Me, & God 你、我、與上帝 (v.4-6)
3. You, Me, & Our Response 你、我、與回應 (v.7-10)

Call to Action

Three Things to Self-Examine:
1. What are the things you are going with the world 效法這世界?
2. How is your life different after knowing Christ?
3. Has your growth plateaued? 你停止成長了嗎?

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