God Provides

Genesis 22:1-14

Pastor Ben


There will be times that God's plan seems fuzzy, confusing, or questionable; but it is also in those times - God's provision becomes obvious!


1. God’s Blessing Can be Confusing
2. God’s Goodness Is so Certain
3. God’s Provision Works Best with the Right Priority

Call to Action

• Is there anything we need to adjust on our image/understanding of God?
• When facing difficult times, be aware of Satan’s lies
* it's not about ranking God vs. other priorities, it's aobut:
1) Do all these with God & for God 与神、为神 
2) With a joyful & appreciative heart to see God’s hands in all things + chat with God all the time
3) Serving or the amount of serving does not = putting God as a higher priority

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