The Five Fold Ministry 五重职事

Ephesians 4:7-16

Pastor Ben


Many churches talk about the "five fold ministry," and people disagree on whether we still have apostles & prophets now. This sermon explains our view on the passage about five fold ministry and what does it mean for the church today.


1. Recognize Everyone is Different
2. Understand the Five Fold Ministry
3. What now for Today’s Church?

Call to Action

 a) Each and everyone has gifts from God - no one has something to contribute and it's your responsibility to contribute.
b) Everyone may have these gifts / authority 權柄 - apostle (church planting), prophets (be a messenger for God), evangelists (share the gospel), teaching shepherds (teaching & caring), “Position” just means you have A LOT of this gift, but with or without the title/position, everyone has certain level of these gifts and it's also your authority & responsibility to use it.
c) Natural & Supernatural all the same - still rely on God even if you are using your natural gift. Also allow supernatural things to be normal among us.

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