The Corrupted Self

Ephesians 4:17-24

Pastor Ben


Paul talks about our identity in Ephesians Chapter 1-3, then in Chapter 4-6, he talks about the behavior / actions us Christians should do since we have this new identity. Paul calls for those who want to follow God to shed our old self and put on new self.


1. Our New Identity 新身份
2. Our New Manner of Life 新生活方式

Call to action

- List some attributes of your ‘old self’ and your ‘new self.’
- What I normally would do - but replace that with what Christ would do
- Shedding old self:
      Quick to anger? Impatient?
      Lack of discipline? Very negative / passive?
      Falling to temptations easily? Bad Habits / Behavior?
      Prideful, etc …

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