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Coming Home

1.5 Generation is Coming Home


Coming Home

1.5 Generation is Coming Home

One EFCI - One Church - One Body

1.5 Generation Congregation and English Congregation are coming home to EFCI Armstrong Building!

在今年的八月底,我們將與英文堂一同的搬回 Armstrong Building 與EFCI 的大家庭一起敬拜,生活,成長!


1.5 Generation Congregation and English Congregation have grown!

Our social hall needs to be renovated in order to support both 1.5 Generation and English Congregations to conduct Sunday service simultaneously as the other congregations. 

As with any church project, the entire EFCI family will help fund the project together, therefore, we all have a part in this project.

If we just make a few little adjustments in our daily lives, we can have a direct contribution to the completion of this project.

我們的Social Hall必須要remodel 才能支持兩個堂會同時搬回Armstrong building.
Social Hall 的大小是最適合主日崇拜的Size外加上建築過程可以在要搬進去的八月二十七號之前。

任何的remodeling 都是需要金費,這將會是全EFCI一起共同參與的Project,那讓我們也一起出份力吧!



170827_MPR First Sunday Service_pt3.jpg

First Sunday Service at MPR

EFCI 1.5 Generation's First Sunday Service at MPR

First Sunday Service at MPR

EFCI 1.5 Generation's First Sunday Service at MPR

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170827_MPR First Sunday Service.jpg
170827_MPR First Sunday Service_pt3.jpg
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How Can You Help

You Can Directly Help the Project

How Can You Help

You Can Directly Help the Project

Your Contribution Matters!

我們其實只要一週只要少外食一餐,少喝一杯咖啡或奶茶,我們可以付出足夠的金費來支持這個 Coming Home Project!

1 x Dining Out/ Week

Eating out with friends is fun, but cooking together is far superior.

Instead of eating out, invite a friend over, invite your group over, and let's make this project a reality. 


1 x Coffee or Milk Tea/ Week

Like the most of us, coffee and milk tea are a part of our weekly habits.

However, what if we cut back on it just once a week?

Coming Home Project Fund

If each of us gives up eating out ($15/week) once a week and one coffee ($5/week) - with 500 members at EFCI, we will be able to fully fund the projects in less than 4 months! 

Your contribution directly impacts the funding of the Coming Home project!

Take the #EFCIComingHome Challenge!



Get Involved

Get Involved

#EFCIComingHome Social Sharing

Getting involved is easy, convenient, and fun - Here's how!

Step 1: Snap and Share!

 #EFCIComingHome  Cooking at home instead of eating out! 


Cooking at home instead of eating out! 

Take a creative photo on how you are helping to raise the funding and post it on Instagram or Facebook.

Use the hashtag #EFCIComingHome before your caption and write something fun about it.

Step 2: Contribute Instantly

 Contribute via PayPal or Credit Card Instantly

Contribute via PayPal or Credit Card Instantly

Use the link below or go to to contribute electronically.

Step 3: Tag a Friend

 Tag a friend or tag your group for the challenge!   

Tag a friend or tag your group for the challenge!


Tag your friend or your small group to get involved with the project.

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Latest Updates

Latest Updates


Recent Updates



Floor is Finished!


The flooring is 70% done, but the rest of the material is delayed from the manufacturer's side. The rest of the floor will be installed probably during the week of the 21st.
Stickwood has been installed on the stage wall
Stage carpet will be started late next week or the week of the 14th.

Starting to Build


The Visioneering team re-did the floor surface and now it's all flat and leveled. 
The floor material arrived, and will be installed mid week next week
2nd layer of paint was done on the walls
Stickwood material for the stage wall arrived, and will be installed next week also.

Social Hall Floor Removal - EFCI

The demolition is Complete!


We have removed the flooring and wall fixtures to start the first step of remodeling. 

Moisture test was done and the results will be available on 7/24
Bad ceiling tiles are being swapped out
Painting will start on 7/20 and estimated to be completed by 7/26
Starting 7/29 Social Hall will be unusable - activities will resume on 8/27 for the Grand Opening


First Walkthrough for the Construction


We had our first walkthrough with the design and construction team this week.

Coming Home FAQ

Coming Home FAQ

1. What’s the reason we are returning to Armstrong building?

As the lease of the Reynold building nears its expiration, the church needs to bring EM and 1.5G back to the Armstrong building. Not only is this plan going to support the continuation of the current worship services, but also to bring the whole church “under the same roof”. The pastoral team has emphasized that we are one church, multiple services, and this will remain the church’s goal in future facility considerations also.

2. Why do we need to remodel social hall?

We considered several options to remodel the church to fit the two congregations coming home, and we concluded that remodeling the Social Hall is the most feasible plan. Other remodeling options would require city approval, inspection, and other possible costs and additional delays; given our time constraint and budget concerns, remodeling the Social Hall is the most feasible and cost-effective way to achieve this goal. Social Hall is of the perfect size, and is long overdue for a makeover for other purposes, such as line dancing and ping pong. With this remodeling project, we will upgrade the Social Hall to serve all these purposes perfectly.

3. How much do we expect to spend?

We are expecting around $150k for the current remodeling effort.

4. What will be completed as part of the remodeling?

We will have brand new high-quality flooring, painted walls, beautiful stage wood-panel wall, new stage carpet, portable dividers for the hallway and classrooms, new chairs, new ceiling paint, and other minor enhancements. Again, the upgraded Social Hall will be used a worship center for EM and 1.5, ping pong area, line dancing, and other social events. 

5. Since the remodel will be completed by August, why do we still need to fundraise after?

First, we need to raise the awareness that this is one church, and we all need to do our part to welcome EM and 1.5 back. We would like to receive offering for the entire amount shortly after the project is complete, but if in any case we are not able to achieve it, the church will utilize its contingency budget to temporarily cover the costs before the full amount is collected through the help of the EFCI family.