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Small Group Night

The program for Living Spring on Friday, January 26th, 2018 is: Small Group Night.
Small groups will be meeting on their own, so please contact your small group leader for details about your program. Hope you all enjoy the first small group night in 2018!

Upcoming events:

Friday 2/2 (8pm - 10pm) - 1.5G prayer and worship night: 1.5 Generation is hosting a worship and prayer night with the emphasis on reconnecting with God. Intercessory prayer sign up's are now full, there are limited walk-in time slots available on a first come first served basis. Please arrive no later than 8PM to check for availability and sign up. Intercession registration starts at 7:45pm.

Saturday 2/3 (9am - 6:30pm) - Relationship workshop in San Diego: San Diego Hope Church will host a workshop about topics around relationships and emotional management. Regular registration is $40. Please join and learn together with other young professionals in southern California.

If you are new to our congregation and have any questions, please use the below contact form.

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