Pastor Benjamin Chen


It all started when...

出生於台灣台北,13歲時來美讀初中,是典型的1.5代背景,高中時信主受洗。UCLA 生物系學士,UC Irvine分子生物系博士畢業,之後在社區大學任教,2005年時上帝呼召以全時間服事上帝,進入美國正道神學院聖經研究主修畢業。2006年時與愛情長跑9年的妻子 Sharon結婚,一起服事上帝也服事人群。



Pastor Benjamin Chen was born in Taiwan, came to the U.S. at 13 years old, a very typical 1.5 Generation.  Came to Christ and got baptized when he’s in high school. Graduated from Biology Major, UCLA, then got his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology at UC Irvine. Was a professor at community college, then God called him to serve full-time in 2005, so he responded to the calling entering Logos Evangelical Seminary to get his Master of Divinity in Biblical Studies. Married in 2006 with Sharon after 9 years of dating.

Sharon and Benjamin both love to serve the Lord and serve people.

Benjamin has passion for people, he’s a straightforward and transparent person, is usually very cautious but occasionally willing to take risk and be adventurous.  He loves sports, travel, comic books, playing board games and card games like bridge, and just chilling with friends.   He also has a heart for mission work, as he’s been to Mexico, China, Taiwan, India, and Russia for evangelism or teaching and training.
Love to have the chance to meet you and to bring blessing in your life ~

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