牧區是由性質或年齡相近的2到7個小組所組成的,這些小組有共同的領導 (區長或輔導),共同的方向目標,也共享一些資源。 1.5代堂會共有3個牧區.
A Shepherding Zone is consisted of multiple small groups.  These small groups have same leadership (Zone Leader or Advisor), share the same goal and resources.  There are total of 3 Shepherding Zones in 1.5 Generation ministry.

Young couples


We are a bilingual, (not so) young couple small group that consists of couples mostly with kids under age of 6. We meet regularly every Friday evening from 7:45 pm to 9:30 pm in room 117 at the EFCI main building. Our program includes Bible study, practical topical discussions (e.g. we watched DVD about marriage, child raising, financial teaching, and etc.), and monthly special programs (e.g. husbands/wives' night out, Valentine/New Year /Christmas special events, game nights, picnics... etc). We have roughly 10 regular attending couples right now, forming a strong support system in Christ sharing our joy and struggles of life together. 



Living Spring

The Living Spring group at EFCI is specifically geared towards the young professional crowd. If you are just a recent college graduate, or a working professional, or even starting a new career, Living Spring is the perfect group for you! For 2016 we plan to “Flex our Spiritual Muscle for the Lord”. We, as a group, plan on reading and finishing the Bible in a year and have Bible studies throughout the year. We will also have plenty of outgoing activities and outreach for 2016. This is how we will strength our spiritual bond with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ as well as our bond with the Lord. So come out! Join us on Friday nights at 8 PM! We would like to meet you and say hello! 



Student ministry: mcf @ efci


無論你的英文比較好,或者你現在想要一份鹹酥雞多過於In-N-Out,華語學青團契邀請跟我們一樣有著不同文化背景的你,加入愛恩之家,分享生命。在這裡,你會認識到從不同南加州學校的學生,得到更多學校的一手資訊,更重要的是,你也許會發掘這個世界上沒有辦法給的愛和友誼。不論你是不是基督徒,或者你只是抱著一顆好奇的心,愛恩學青一樣歡迎你的加入!Friday 7:30pm @ 1.5G Chapel. 


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