Rejoicing in Difficult Times

Philippians 1:15-26

Kitty Yang


Our life is a ministry. Whatever position we hold whether it's being a parent or a student, our role is the ministry that God has given us. Yet, sometimes these ministries can be tough, but the Bible instructs us to rejoice even in the midst of difficulty. So, why do we rejoice when ministry is hard?


We rejoice because God works wonders even in our weakness. (Phil. 1:15-18)
We rejoice because God turns our hardship into blessings. (Phil. 1:25-26)
We rejoice because God shows up when we persevere. (Phil. 1:19-24)

Call to Action

Action: Don't judge the work or the people doing the work. Pray for them and bless them. Our praise acknowledges His sovereignty over all.
Reflection: How do we define success in ministry? Numbers? Comfort? Emotion/feelings? 面子 look good? Network/Friendship? Or just faithfully do what God has entrusted us.
Invitation: Utter verbal praise to God even when things are difficult.


God is proud of you for not giving up.

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