What Shall I Bring for My King?

Matthew 2:1-12

Pastor KC


We can get really distracted with all the busyness of Christmas, all the gift-giving, all the gift-receiving, that only goes horizontally, with our friends and family. We forget about the gift-giving, and gift-receiving that goes vertically, with our God and our Lord Jesus Christ. We cannot forget God in our busyness. We will take a look at the gifts that the pagan magi brought (gold, frankincense, myrrh) and dig into their prophetic significance, and what that means for us today.


1. Gold - a kingly gift fit for a true King
2. Frankincense - a priestly gift pointing to Christ as our Great High Priest, the bridge builder to God the Father. 
3. Myrrh - for funerals, pointing to the sacrificial death of Jesus as the Lamb of God

Call to Action

First, what gift shall you bring to your KING? You’ve spent so much time buying other people gifts already. Now think about your gift to King Jesus. Let your gifts be something that money can’t buy. Give to Him your time, your worship, your commitment, your heart. 

Second, where do you find yourself in this Christmas story? Are you like Herod, the religious leaders, or the magi? 

Herod followed the star of self, though he claimed to be a worshiper, he was a self-centered man, and worshiped himself.

The religious leaders followed the star of religion, they knew all the right answers but had all the wrong actions. 

The magi followed the star of the King Jesus, and when they found that King, they worshiped Him. 

Isn’t it amazing that these Magi who worshiped a different god ended up at the feet of Jesus? They were seeking something else, someone else, and they didn’t know it was Jesus. Nevertheless, they ended up at the feet of Jesus. 

INVITATION : There are some people here today, you came to church for something else, or someone else, and today is the day that you ought to give your life to Jesus, make him the Lord of your life, surrender your heart to Him.

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