Indescribable God

Ephesians 3:14-21

Gina Chen


God is the Father of all. We, as family in Christ, are called to glorify His name through showing His power, love, and fullness in our life.


1. All from the Father
2. Beyond All Measure - power, love, and the fullness of God
3. All for His Glory

Call to Action

 • Do we urgently see the growth/maturity of brothers and sisters' spiritual life more important than our own problems? What is our priority? 
• Can we give God the authority to:
- show His power to reign over our fear, worries, doubts, or anything not from God?
- teach us His love and share with others?
- ignite us with the fire longing for His fullness?
• Can we co-work with God to trust Him is at work within us for his promises and good purposes?

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