World Religion #1: Do the Muslims believe in the same God as we do? 回教徒到底信什么?

Pastor Ben


Is Allah the same God as the God Christians believe in? Who is prophet Muhammad? What is the faith of the Muslims? and what should be our action & response?

1. Background
2. History
3. Belief

Call to Action

1. Have conversation, respect the prophet, pray for miracles.
2. Join “30天为穆斯林世界祷告 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World”
booklet or online – Starts 5/16
3. Book: 走進伊斯蘭世界 Encountering the World of Islam
4. For Muslim friends to watch Satellite TV:
ABN Sat 1
Miracle channel Arabic
Al Malakoot Sat (The Kingdom Sat)
LTW(Leading The Way) 
these channels can be found on:

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