The Distance between A to Y A到Y的距離

1 Samuel Ch 1

Sharon Hou


神 允許人生中的缺憾是要. 我們得享從求告到交托所帶來的祝福
God allowed the imperfection in our lives, so that when we learn to eventually give God the Sovereignty when we pray --> We receive the blessing from the above.


 I. 我們在人生的缺憾裡求告 神 (v1 – 10)
We ask for God’s intervention for the imperfection in our lives
II. 我們在求告的過程中交托主權(v11-18)
We yield to God’s sovereignty during the process of asking
III. 我們在交托主權後得享祝福(v19-28)
We receive God’s blessing after yielding to His sovereignty

Call to Action

Trust God has the best plan for our lives. Thus we can view imperfection of our lives as the opportunity to receive a divine blessing when we turn to God.

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