Be Filled with the Holy Spirit!

Ephesians 5:18-20

Pastor Ben


聖靈充滿 Filled by the Holy Spirit - is a command from the Bible - something we must do!
but what exactly does it mean? what happens when we are filled by the Holy Spirit?


1. What does it mean "to be filled by the Holy Spirit"
  - Greek word "Pletho" - verb - usually used by Luke to explain a temporary manifestation, experience, or ability
  - Greek word "Pleres" - adjective - usually used by Luke to describe a situation - a good person with good character & good decision-making (better translated as "full of the Holy Spirit"
  - Paul in Ephesians used a third word "Pleroo" - and the context he used it is more like "Pleres" by Luke - describing a person to be more like Christ - character & good relationship (but different than Pletho)

Call to Action

What's your "alcohol" in life?
What are the things that blocks you from being guided by the Holy Spirit and let Holy Spirit help you to make decisions in life?

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